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In attempting to gather my thoughts, I needed to state, in essence, that all roads lead to Rome.

I didn't give much consideration, however, to those for whom Terra Firma is more easily forgotten about than looked for. I'm no longer interested in the planet of my childhood. I know this is not an uncommon thing, but I can be proud that I have managed to reach this conclusion while keeping my feet on the ground.

What the planet I'm on is called, you'll have to ask someone I can't name.

I told people when I was eighteen or nineteen that I no longer wanted birthday gifts. Thus I receive all gifts with the understanding that acknowledgement thereof is not to be taken as my contracting myself to birthday etiquette. People like to talk about birthdays having natural significance, but carefully avoid using the word astrology.

I carefully avoid it myself. I do often wonder what use the information is, that is gathered about stars other than those in the visible constellations.

I avoid it in part because people are wound up such that when they hear the mentioned word they ask in a roundabout way about our birthday.

I used to think star signs were harmless fun. I used to think a lot of things I had to leave behind me. But unless we're willing to go from there to here, step by step, we place ourselves at the pointy end of an accusation.

I no longer feel the need to place myself at the pointy end of directions away from the same old same old.

Happy birthday, my love.