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Let me put a flower in my house and see if it makes me feel any better. It won't get rid of what some call a hangover, but I call true feelings. I'm also going to pick my only red rose, which I've avoided doing because I didn't have anyone to give them to. I'd like to think about keeping them in water but they're picture perfect on top of the tv set.

I only use this set to play games; but I can't play games when I find I have a well of anger.

We were told to think about psychologists when thinking about managing our anger: what does that benefit us?

I was told to think about flower remedies for various conditions of mind, but they benefitted me not. These flowers, however, do make me feel a smidgen more comfortable.

Unfortunately the red rose is a cultivar. Some might see cultivars as a symptom of greedy farmers, but to call it genetic-engineering, or bio-technology, or gene-coding, does make us wonder if people who plant seeds for a living hate their jobs so much they need us all huffing and puffing about their skills, just so as we don't accidentally drop a farmer hat on them.

Of course, we might call them a husbandman. But husbands, I hear, get bored of their wives. I have heard that some wives bring their husbands to tears, but that would seem to be a case of their wives not having anyone else with whom to share their troubles. This would be something the opposite of bored. A devoced man very often wishes he was living away from the rest of humanity, even if on the edge of the desert.

But the desert doesn't have any colour in it. Some reckon that crossing the desert is only a matter of trying. It may be that some can stare at the same thing all day and every day and still tolerate their own thoughts. This doesn't seem to fit with observation. Crossing the desert on a vehicle is a different story, but that's because a vehicle is an animal. Some animals know just how to keep you from wandering off into la-la land.

A computer isn't an animal, but pictures on a screen can also help us stay focussed.

Picture memory is looking at us: the three elements of color. This memory must be a sequence.

We start from the top down, simply because that is a defacto standard, as is left-to-right. Axes are not something we like to think about just yet, for this just reminds us of things we said in ignorance.

We control the vertical and the horizontal.

As do phrases such as this. But these are the best words to describe the dimensions of rasters and screens.

In terms of the numbering, the horizontal agrees with us. As there is a defacto standard called an imaginary number, we find ourselves contemplating (-i*vertical). You might not like the axle, if you're used to a nicer looking product symbol, but in that case I don't know where you've been the last fifty years.

But now we might find ourselves staring at mirages, so we're going to need to try this from the other side, so we give ourselves a coffee break, and let people who think we've gone bananas, banana the word yellow.