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Reading user input is not the same as reading from a file, but the syscall can suit both purposes without giving it parameters which amount to overhead. One parameter translates to a number of bits if we can't decide on a unit.

Let's play the efficiency game.

So as not to use my limbs at all I type the word echo. Thinking the size of the ball has anything to do with it might get a wandering soul thinking out loud, 'the more things change, the more they stay the same.' Ballsports involving a racket have been seen as placing all kinds of people on a level, but the bit I have to add to history goes to show that neither the church nor the state are adequate regulatory bodies.

But an echoing wall is useful to think of when we find that we're expecting cheers for our standard output one way or the other. And whenever the praise is not forthcoming we prepare to slap ourselves for having forgotten something.

Did you remember to send the signal?

The savages are nowhere to be found and the fairies, after working their way into our affections, tell us our sympathy for them is for our account.

The user, who is echoing to a redirected standard output, can send a signal which results in a short read. This is an oversimplification. But if I don't flush this so I can get on with what comes before putting something into the stomach I'll be shovelling eggs into my mouth.

And then why would we not simply eat bread and meditate?