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What a life for a son! Hatching conspiracy theories all day about anti-social educators as if he hasn't yet realized that without conspiracies no-one could have any fun.

Do you really want to know what the inside of my stomach looks like? Open governance is one thing; open marriages another thing altogether.

Open governance does not prohibit the government spending large sums of money on things which everyone knows are only bought so that the population have something to talk about; so long as everyone knows about it, the population can carry on asking each other how no-one could have known things were only bought to gather dust; not to mention the good old laugh we have about it with the daily cartoons.

Open marriages suggest that some men are total morons. I would say, total fucking morons, but that carries a suggestion with it that they're getting what a man expects to get from a marriage, which he might otherwise pay for; certainly choosing this latter course of action will mean he does get it, which is not something marriage guarantees, and the being of a blissful bachelor only carries the problem of knowing what it is like to be lacking another thing that comes with marriage.

The idea of a news machine without a feedback loop into the government seeming to be a novel one, I leave the matter of open marriages, and consider my options for giving my novel idea away.

The receiver of a gift, if the gift is accepted, must be looked at as something like a shark. Possibly. If we're paranoid and read stallman.org we would contemplate the possibility that the receiver is something like the manager of something like a team of something like sharks. Possibly.

If we're something like a programmer we might start working on a way of determining this probability. Thus we see how projects multiply. Without needing to quantify anything, therefore, because our hunch about probability calculations is backed by theory, only the mentioned team manager would doubt us deciding for the worst case scenario.

The suggestion of teaching sharks to fish only getting them to show us their pearly white teeth in something which might be a smile, we simply note that a shark, though unlikely to reject a half-knackered horse for its shameful pair of gnawers, will certainly be back no later than tomorrow, and the team manager inevitably will be telling us what the favourite bits were. And though there are team managers and team managers, we are still contemplating the worst; after some days have passed we will be grumbled at for not listening to every little request.

It's plain cruelty to animals!

And then they'll tell us they have exclusive right to our gift and toss us a slip of paper showing that, if we consider ourselves law abiding, this is indeed the case.

Talking of gifts, we know of a planet which we don't know what to call, that comes round to the same place every year. Mothers carefully track this planet and often show us a complex device that includes both its rotation and orbit. I have not seen any mother pointing a telescope at the planet, so this is just something for conspiracy theorists to think about.

Sons, though given no clue where the planet is to be found, if losing track of it learn what a disappointed mother is.

On another planet with an identical orbital period, which may not just be a coincidence, a business was gotten together which took a photo of that planet's only moon, and sent a copy of it to all the cardinals, with a message neatly attached.

'We're going there!'

It may well be believed that some anthropods on this planet began to imagine themselves within reach of another state of existence. The business had in fact earned the trust of most. The first mission was a phenomenal success that earned the congratulations of everyone, which it deserved.

Stuck up know-it-alls were pestered at the time by everyone as to whether maybe there was trickery involved. These oracles were trusted implicitly because everyone called them the most down-to-earth and the most up-to-date. It would be a bit arrogant to doubt such people who've had to go through the facts whenever asked, since then, but I'm neither here nor there about the veracity of the event.

Around the same time the Unix operating system was given to the world.

The success of the Moon Mission meant that people were happy to buy American every day except their mother's birthday.

Unix, in spirit belonging to the world, became competitive overnight.

Reach for the stars.

Stuck up know-it-alls knew this wasn't going to happen in their lifetime, or their sons' lifetimes, or their grandsons' lifetimes. They couldn't be sure that they'd ever be able to afford a Moon Ticket, but in order for such a ticket to come about in their lifetime was the reason they were buying American.

It doesn't do for a business to be run by someone who looks at a chart of accounts and expects every line to have the left equalling the right. But the American government had been put on a weight loss plan. And everyone knows the secret to this is a balanced diet.

The rest is in fact obvious. But like a weight loss plan we must do the exercise ourselves.

Whether a rocket is considered a toy to one person or another would not, after the fact of getting to the moon, seem to be one for discussion.

No self-respecting anthropod would put Unix into a chart of accounts, after the amount of work that had been done by individuals of their own accord, in the spirit of the public domain.

Therefore, Aliens.

That America didn't have a monopoly on space is shouted from every street corner. But the aliens had only reached outer orbit with their rockets. In fact some have suggested that once it was clear that the intention was to land on the moon, these aliens had dropped their weapons.

Or at least, closed up the silos.

Every gentleman, no matter if his writing includes symbols which look like candlebra and he wears a symbol of great suffering round his neck, must reserve a small measure of self respect, as the game progresses, to congratulate the winner.

But now we see, and it makes no difference now that we see it as to the whether anyone kicked up moon dust: the world bought the moon for America.

Now perhaps some will be able to recognize something that resembles a team manager of sharks.

Some might say there are only two ways of receiving a gift. In the meantime I'll go on imagining I'm doing something good for the world, and carry on trying to fix my errors.

I, BJ, lacked the understanding that to introduce the uninitiated to any licence but GPL is to advocate the spirit of sharing being caring.