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Shivver it to fragments! That I'm tempted to quote, because I join in the chorus by saying it.

This is an uncertain bit of work. Trying to keep things together before we fragment them, we look at better days. A call to what was strong disagreement gets me to respond with a lunch-break.

It's convenient to tell a child that there's a difference between a weed and other plants, or otherwise they're not going to help you, are they?

But now you keep telling them that God makes the flowers grow, what's happening to their minds?

Boys may well have philosophic disagreements: it is certainly the case that when they are unable to put them aside, there is evidence that what surrounds them is not perfect. So what's the call about?

It helps to be able to talk things out with those who are your equals. The fact that we share things with each other implies the knowledge that we are not perfectly equal.

Ideally? Who the fuck says, ideally, after all I have described?

I have to assume, now, that I am far in advance of all those I had philosophic disagreements with. Furthermore, I tend to think that they will show me the fruit of their loins, were I to attempt to 'bring them up to speed.'

Just maybe we have such a person who is young enough to be able to use 'sorry' honestly.

But pay close attention to when that word stops meaning a single fucking thing, to you.

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