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Though a business is the original of team, it was those who stayed after school because they loved it so much who had been taught to believe that working in a team is not a matter of animal instinct. If we come to think that business is a fraternity that excuses the privileged their sins, and uses the grandchildren as justification for high prices, we might find that all we can do is look at our memories of our childhood, and call it a good one at a venture.

Having had a computer since before school--though it was one we had to share--I am given an honorary seat in the club of geniuses.

My pleasant recollection of school starts with it being so many cubes subdivided into smaller ones: what I did with a wire coat-hanger I was proud of, at the time; what happened to girls who rode horses was information that was freely given. But computers gave us an early taste of the mathematics involved in foreshortening, which we can but relate to the economic model of the fraternity. Modelling two-way communication would be like describing electric current flow that goes both ways: we received a taste of current theory, from which we can only recall the term to use for when a transistor is biased, and the useful mnemonic, 'black bastards rape our young girls but violet gives willingly.'

But this brings me to thinking about the tale of the tail and what's on the end of it, and the use of the word logical in contrast to physical, which makes us wonder what to do with, fantastical, without being nonsensical; and I thus close with home-work for geniuses of all ages.

Contrast the use of fingerprints lifted from a weapon at a crime scene, to those used to save us hassle.