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My dad's way of thinking left me stumped as to how to proceed with a problem I was given as a way of making money; but my mother's way left me with a baby I had to tend for twenty years.

Someone suggested we start from scratch so as to get the thing to grow up, when it seemed to be a bit slow for its age, but then we found ourselves looking at manpower. And listening to employees complaining about hurting their fingers by folding envelopes.

I had a plan for a transitional phase of growth but no-one was willing to interfere with the powerhouse. And then I let my guard down and became a mindless employee myself.

Leave the cradle of his parents' way of thinking doesn't involve becoming a husband or a father, in my vain opinion. Our friends influence us and help us complete the picture ourselves, which includes all the advice we received from our parents, such as cleanliness; some indeed might show us a shower that was installed for them as a gift. And then we might return home the less happy for only having a bath.

Asking for a shower to be built when you're living alone is likely to elicit a comment of whose name you want printed on the walls; which annuls the advice about glass houses. But it's a little unfair on other men if I call myself a self-made man, so I won't. In fact, I built this website because my scruples suggested that in defending someone from blame, I had kept my greatest friend from my lips.

But I also know what it's like to hold my breath as I wish for death, so, while some people might be thinking I would be stupid enough to wear a symbol because it gives me a good feeling, I sit in much the same place as I was twenty years ago, with only experience that no-one would want their child to go through, in between.

Yes, thickies, we can't circumscribe astrology as that which only one religion studies.

And yes, thicky, I would look after your son if you were crazy enough to ask me, any time between now and when he's passed receiving the only principles I have to offer.

Setting an example would be a challenge, but it's impossible in isolation.