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Just not in the mood: a choice piece of work should stimulate me, but I know it won't.

Making things right for us, who can't say, Xenophobia--without meaning, them, that is--was a goal that got put into neutral when I saw, on the output of a home-brew image-optimizer, the only one left in this country who, firstly, wouldn't have asked me why I didn't pull things off the shelf, and secondly, who wouldn't have tried to assert equality on the matter of skills.

There was some grating, for my not avoiding 'social media' meant that I got hints thereby that who had not wanted to have children and have to say to them, 'the world's gone mad,' had gotten ensnared by an ensnarer.

And then reverse gear was found, upon discovering that this friend of mine had given up, for good, on this country and continent.

No, I'm not going to look up old friends who sport earrings in defiance of what those meant in the nineteen-eighties. I'm certainly not going to look up the one friend who was the first to say, 'generation.'

But that's just it: it's not me that's expecting myself to want to.

Deciding yet again to 'forget about it,' let me just wish the folks a happy anniversary.

With the 'who's counting,' giving one of those unaccountable chuckles.

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