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Spare a thought for an old man who, if he is part of your son's life, will only be so when he has established himself where it will not pain him to think of the homes of his childhood.

Let's look at the word trickery.

In the bad old days a person could get on a ship with his possessions. Possibly because it pains him to think of the homes of his childhood. But then it came about that to cross a border meant that you were marked and monitored, and to earn a penny as a foreigner you needed the general approval of the populace.

But I must make an admission of guilt here: I omitted to include my certificate of non-criminality.

We all have to make our own decisions. I'm quite sure I was marked way back in school, possibly even in my first year of it, and in such a way that is as warm-hearted as a Roman Catholic Priest towards a Protestant. And I was expected to believe that because of how the world has changed I could only earn money from web advertising--a thing I particularly disliked when it first came about. In the process of being led to the present day I've had to become more inclusive.

'Relax! I need some information first: just the basic facts; can you show me where it hurts?'

Those of us with hobbies know we have something to treasure. But I've been comfortably numb for ten years. When we're in a building made of brick and mortar, that is there to house overgrown children of all sorts, we know that the end of the world won't mean we get to knock off early.

We all took to thinking of novel ways of making money, but few managed to do so in a way that isn't just the selling of packaged goods. And those few would sell you vodka to sanitize your hands with.

I have a belief that I aught to be gainfully employed, even though I don't know what that means to someone with my skills. Wherever it does come from, it leads me down to my beginning to earn a living as naturally as a dog earns the treats that get thrown its way. And things have changed. But not GNU, much.

I've needed to vent about my folks because circumstances led me to superstitious behaviour. I don't mind being superstitious about things: it's the silliness that interferes with our arbitrary choices. Sometimes taking a long walk in a big city, without a map, is all that is needed to effectively poison our indecision.

Arriving at a street corner, we note that we are making use of relational theory innately, by forming pairs of streets. It doesn't matter which is on the left and which is on the right, so long as we know that we are using direction consistently. If the streets are not marked we have a reason to cry at every street corner. But assuming that corruption has occurred is more like assuming that the street names have been jumbled up, and the road user looks at no other signs.

Building a tool which can correct jumbled up streetsigns is of a kind with building a tool that can correct a corrupted filesystem: generally fsck is designed to cater for conditions that are classed as omissions. But it will also, for example, look for loops in things which are trees. Automated recover at this stage is a dark art: you might end up with some files in /lost+found if you're lucky.

System builders know that the best solution when fsck gives any indication of serious error is to start anew.

Some might think of automating this but that would be to ignore that systems which fail regularly aught to be investigated carefully.

That would be of a kind with being a GNU-Linux user railing for the ability for Kernel to quietly clean up when a mount-point disappears, as if such occurrences are what it aught to be designed around.