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I'll have to pass this around until I get a bit of 'quiet' - the what that threatens is not a thing we can kill.

'Stuck up there' is what married boys could say, with no adverse consequences. The only adverse consequence to a married boy is to have to be dragged in front of 'the parents.'

But now I'm 'out of my bracket,' aren't I?

Not having a head upon which to rest my chin, at a family gathering, I went from the 'old people' to the 'young people,' thinking I had come to the wrong house. So I'll pull out a magic wand and make disappear all those who couldn't speak to a person without speaking about the person.

Some people get free passes, because they talked mostly about experiences that everyone can have, but few do.

Believe it or not, I'm seen as more than one person by the same set of people.

It might not be a problem to you, but it's a problem to us, because if we speak like this, you'll say it's affected.

And so we come to a 'what' that's a very big question.

Leaving people alone isn't what families are about. That's 'kind of' what we found we couldn't tell relatives who were bigger than us. It's not often they talk about a bully who's a girl, is it?

That being 'more me' you'll just have to feel it.

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