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Before we talk of mindless entertainment we need to be mindful that the calling of us all sinners is a simple statement that we are all born criminals. Standing against temptation might have two meanings to two people, but if it has two meanings to one person we discover a typical excuse that we find very entertaining, for crimes of all sorts. Perhaps I might be accused of having a criminal heart if I mention that standing against temptation is not something that a person can do alone. Getting married as a duty to the state was something I was warned against. The most harmless form of entertainment, however, comes with an accusation against how I chose to behave.

Glorying in self-reliance is another form of entertainment: no stone is left unturned. Personal goals means I must watch the days go by as if that's all I'll be doing henceforth. Mindlessness is easy to describe but I fear I won't reach my target audience. The result of mindlessness is that which we're taught to fear. But where people are not to be found all we have are ghosts: wild ghosts warn us about wild animals.

There are not any wild animals left. This has not yet been assigned an official date for to be fed to schoolchildren, but we can be quite sure that future generations will pay themselves to make the brand new discovery that the last fence was built in the nineteen-eighties. South Africans were fed the fact in a manner which made them chuckle and feel patriotic. The government can easily be blamed for that it seemed to have given itself the one and only task of making the citizens chuckle and feel patriotic. But the fences were built at least nominally to keep the wild animals from chuckling while asking if the patriots would please be less acidic.

Commerce gets in everywhere. Just this once we'll let the game farmers continue chuckling about what they get the tourists to believe. Outside of the game farm, whose closest business partners are suppliers of bedsets, we find people struggling with what cannot be called a disability except by those who avoid what the still water can show them. Our kind has a natural ability to learn, which can be ill-defined at best. Reproducing as a duty to the state was shown to be a very bad idea for the parents must still take the blame.

We have to accept that personification is an admission of a lack of comprehension, or we must declare fiction to be an abuse. A ghost might be a matter of personal experience, but as a matter of discussion it is a device of fiction relating to personification.

Haste makes waste. But a throw-away story made on the spur of the moment can't describe something with a beating heart without certainly being an abusive kind of fiction.

Mindlessness begets senselessness, so I'll stop right here.