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If we find that animations are in any way something pleasant to look at, we note that at present our confused hotel Guests may only either be asleep or awake; whereas an animation is received as one in a day-dream. Shifting the metaphor to fairies, we are at liberty to assume that such things as regulators exist: these signal procs in order to provide the effect of coordinated motion, and therefore need to know the average velocity of a fairy, as well as the distance and the duration it has travelled.

The setup of such regulation becomes a challenge, because each regulated fairy needs to have a signal reserved for regulation, and the regulator needs to know where the odometer and the clock is. This recalls to mind what was called real-time.

To some cynical minds, this was yet another excuse as to why G'nunix wasn't good enough for serious work. Experimentors needed to look at dangerous machines; not to mention financial applications. Stability and experimentation had been well defined by the regulator of the Linus-Kernel, but this regulator, we gather, was not too keen on having his coffee injected into him; and hence others set up the rt-linux project.

Cynics who suggest that real-time is only about digital video just gets us to reply, 'ah, come on!'

Kernel doesn't have to be the regulator; but, then, we would think that a regulated proc aught to be created with a regulator, and not be required to take the blame for not responding in time. Considering this to be the case, then, the regulator can be given the regulated proc's signal, as well as the address of its measurements: which are simply ticks, ticks per unit of time, and time units. But we find the regulator must then be able to schedule an alarm.

On account of what it suggests about real-time, this is an alarming fact indeed, and suggests that alarm clocks are much the same as bicycle helmets: people like to pat themselves on the back for how early they wake up. Or, shall we say, for how well they regulate the time they get out of bed.

The regulating of our meals works as a religion. Some of us yet think that where our food goes is a mystery--but we don't impose this on those who must only find some way or other to regulate their intake. Some might think that motorbikes are a religion. This is quite appropriate, for few give a fuck about people who asked for no credit, those who can't get off try to chase those who can to their death, and non-motorcyclists only talk about the smell, and suggest to motorcyclists that they aught rather spend their money on gifts such as perfume.

Some of us, however, can tell from a mile the kind of person whose only idea of exemplary behaviour is that of listening to their wives or their mothers. One cannot have a wife without having a treasurer: husbands must learn this one way or the other; listening to the mother may at times have something to do with independence being a struggle, the end result of which is to be looked at by mothers as someone seeking a treasurer.

Dual income households are something I gave thought to, but on account of not finding anyone who was willing to discuss the matter before the facts of life, as if the problems they pose were to be somebody else's, might I ask where a man must get his pride if his wife insists that he is an unnecessary extra to the household?

I'm alright: no-one I know is suggesting that I have an equal.

I disagree, but application of capabilities is a matter of opportunity.