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Arbitrary choices are things which I don't like making. A magnanimous gentleman, as one from a storybook, kept me from thinking that a wife is an arbitrary choice. Strange to say, that way of thinking was otherwise generally encouraged.

Comparing one face to another is not something I can do. But then the thought came as from nowhere, what about a face that's many years younger?

I am a hopeless flirt, and I learned to watch myself around those who might be in an unfortunate situation such that it would thereby seem that I am providing them a way out. We can't do that around girls, though. We have to let girls talk to us from the heart or wherever else they choose to talk to us from, watch ourselves in accordance to how old they are, and let them tell us that they're actually woman and not girls. That's the only way we can enjoy there being any difference between the sexes.

And if we don't respond to flirtation when a girl is definitely no longer a girl, we're declaring for a neuter gender for the sake of technological progress.

Technological progress, to a programmer, is a matter of efficient code that has no bugs. But missing features have to be called bugs because otherwise the programmer can just say they forgot this or that. Therefore an app has bugs as soon as it is named. Therefore we should just go for an effect. Therefore, we need a product manager.

Therefore, I'm a lucky man, because I don't want one. The only thing that interferes with my luck is the thought of polygamy.

It looks like I've just spotted a missing feature. Anyone can spot the bugs of included features.

Girl, you may be a woman soon, but even if you teleport yourself into my house you will always be inferior to me.