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Dear God.
I'm not about to assume that any boy, man, or husband, can know how the relationship between a girl, woman, or wife, with God differs from that of his corresponding relationship.

I am speaking to the God of Reason, right?

Let me know if you pick up any errors. I know we have these error-correcting machines in front of us, but I'm not waiting for a Jesus OS.

And I know that S_Windows very often just moves errors from one place to another. I don't know much about the Mc-Pill. I have heard of a Mc-Pill religion: but that's silly.

Naturally when people like something they rave about it; a gui is for a user and not a programmer. At least, guis for users are.

But this leaves us thinking that what to call things is quite the opposite of calling one thing by another name on account of equivalence of utility. Obviously you know Turing theory, so I needn't explain the difference between virtual and non-virtual execution. But while being religious about a gui has something to do with being proud of one's non-virtual executor, I think I've said enough.

Send my love to the folks.

... Brian.