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Opening Mighty Grocery again, I wonder if the developer has got someone to share the problem of lists that associate, which lists none care to know about.

But the main question is the matter of continuity. I can well see why an app maker would say, 'fuck these upgrades.'

As 'web based' is just as legitimate now, what about that?

So I say to the other part of my mind, 'what do you want to do?'

That seems to be something with mirrors: so it seems we've got final proof on the matter of who's more the animal. Well, I have to see to the animal, and I said to one who doesn't give much thought to how that seeing divides itself up, that the luxuries shall be left until we've the leisure to look at not only maintenance, but improvements.

And I like my 'childish' window frames, so fuck you!

The whole idea was that the nice grass does not compete with them. Insane, got a knock: but you can call it a tap by a hand that crushes eggs and then hopes no-one notices that they were just about to hatch.

Tut! Feature request: swap the quantities with the values.

Now, were that my own, I would look at the bugs that are outstanding and then at the users who will notice that things are being changed as if features take priority.

How can you find out if your users would accept an amendment to the terms: 'this app contains bugs that will not be fixed for reasons you will have to find out for yourself'?

Have fun thinking about that one. Have fun thinking about other apps which simply package up what's web based for the sake of making pennies.

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