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How did people stick to the ground before the invention of gravity?

Some people discover the answer by inventing reasons to convince themselves that the answers to anything they want to know merely requires the question to be asked, and the answer selected from the possibilities that present themselves, in the same way we select from amongst the choices offered by specialist grocery stores which, in a complementary fashion to those which provide their customers with a personal service, do business by the motto of choice being king.

Grocery stores owned by people who don't know how to make up their minds are indistinguishable from ones which offer their customers the pleasure of making arbitrary choices; which circumstantially, in either case, means that regular customers may expect at least as much personal service as the products on the shelves in the toiletry aisle. Indeed we're no less spoilt for choice on the matter of selecting a shop assistant, when we find our intuitive classification system is either out of date or misaligned with that of the store manager.

It is up to us to adjust when things change and our world-view precludes us detecting any improvement in the change.

The process by which we lost the choice between the two gross types of grocery stores referred to is something which gives cynical people who think they have all the answers a reason to smile. But it provides a link in a chain of confirmation, which eases the burden of being talked to as nothing other than a cynical old man, that with choice being removed on the matter of decisiveness on the part of the grocer, friends could go into a grocery store together unashamedly, without there being the slightest risk of an over-familiar and impudent grocer taxing them on the matter of their turning shopping into an outing.

"It seems we have been left to work out the details."

Education is second only to us being sure of ourselves.