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Let's make South Africa great again. If an unwritten law prevents you from leaving a dump, which unwritten law everyone talks around, it might occur to a person who doesn't like dumps to put their skills to good use.

This takes patience. If patience runs out we borrow from our parents.

What do we do if our parents start talking about leaving the dump, and when we mention unwritten laws they just give us the word trickery?

A bad man adds to a dump.

That men take dumps is one of those facts of life that mean that men are all to blame; which is why we take the credit.

Here's a party cup: ain't that great?
That ain't the best part; just wait!
That's a genuine weathervane that moves with the breeze; portable hammock, honey, who needs trees?

It's a casual entertainment, we aim to please.

It's not my fault if you think I came up with the idea of a brass toilet-tissue holder with its own telephone; once a person reaches a certain level of fame, they neither feel the need to be accredited with every phrase they churn out nor but feel offended if their party-dip isn't recognized immediately.