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Looking into the future I find myself looking at rosy cheeks. Not all chores are noisy, but they give us something to talk about either way.

Giving myself a virus called, Choose_Life, was the inevitable result of my giving up on talking about theory.

There was a time--I don't know if it's passed--that at the mention of GNU, and after the almost inevitable interchange of words that followed in order for two people to establish the what if not the why, the fact was brought to the table about the lack of viruses on a system which doesn't interest any but programmers. There was also a time, which seems to have passed, that before we could accurately define a virus, we were being asked to compare them to worms--not to mention the only fact of Ancient Greece we knew. Fact or story, that it involved a maiden woman is a ghastly detail we were spared.

But now I'm wasting your time, and the picture of the future is becoming a little less rosy. Some talk about cocktails of viruses, but we think that's picking up threads: if we have but three, we may spare ourselves a juggler--which is something we'd prefer to do when considering mutual exclusion. A game of three Queens might be preferable to the Viruses, although it would be about as much fun as a game of two Kings.

Theory is made a little tricky when it comes into contact with causes of death; not least because the necessity of records brings us to look at the hereafter as entries in files.

Even while we sleep, we will find you acting on your best behaviour; turn your back on mother nature.

A generation of guessers following a generation of guessers. Guess what I'm going to do next--I haven't a fucking clue.