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I don't intend to rewrite the bible, even though so many words have changed meaning completely since the last authorized version it takes a dedicated person indeed not to make an ass of themselves and start looking for evidence of flying crocodiles.

Scientists can be arrogant motherfuckers full of pity; as can skeptics, who, full of arrogant pity for scientists, reserve the most for anthropologists.

Anthropologists can look on incest with curiosity. Anthropologists, if they're being scientific, will be incapable of comprehending the fuss made over virginity.

And therefore forfeit their place in Heaven.

Scientists, who are skeptical, try not to use the word heaven, capitalized or not.

It's obvious that circumcision has nothing to do with copulation, or being a dirty boy. It's important to allow people to keep secrets; for example, to describe my circumcision would involve the description of a baby boy, whose various limbs subsequently grew at various rates. Thus this is generally something allowed to be a secret which a man may choose to keep.

Anthropologists find the Sabbath a mystery (very wobbly ones might hunt for evidence in astronomy). Using a bit of guesswork and experience, there have been times in my life when a (regular) day of rest would have been a very good idea.

Psalm 92 (best listened to in Hebrew) is a start to personal rediscovery for me. I had taken the anthropological view for all the reasons referred to. But some feelings are irresistable, such as that which may lead us to sticking our nose into theological matters instead of coding and playing music.

Mental focus is something I had to get very good at, just as a matter of course; and practise makes perfect.

Practising your halelujahs, is a phrase which popped into my head, which led me to the psalm referred to. Some people call themselves teenagers, but we don't, because that then obviates prevarication that individuality of feeling insists is necessary. These people, particularly, might tell us that practice is all about mental focus.

A smoking clutch comes to mind.