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It's hard to be sensible: for instance, we hear people saying they have no hard feelings for each other; but it would seem these simply relate to stubbornness. So hard feelings can go and play with themselves.

That's my opinion, anyway.

'No hard feelings' is something a mediator might say as a question. In other words, 'my favourite tv programme is coming on and I know I'm just part of your routine.'

For once I must put aside Mr Knopffler's response to that, for I am wondering what the feelings were of the English nation who didn't vote the man back in who won the war for them. Before I vote myself an exception on the description of feelings just referred to in order to explain away this bizarre fact, let me just borrow from my self-willed refusal to make a break for inconstancy, pat myself on the back for doing so, with the pat on the back for trying to make sense assumed, and just call my fellow Englishmen bizarre.

Your feelings were bizarre.

This being the time my grandfather started his family, brings us to see that while his hindsight vision was no doubt robust, his present-day proclivities took a beating when Dad told him his insistence at looking at English cars was just plain bizarre.

His musical tastes meant he didn't get the satire in the music of the most popular singer-songwriters, or just composer-performers, England had ever known.

And it seems that no-one else got it either.

Maybe Dad did, but if so, he's still keeping mum. And so half the English population of the world spent the next half century trying to convince the other half to sit still and wait for the world to end.

Before this, there had been no great English composers, in my opinion, unless you count Beethoven as one, which you're only likely to do if you concur with my bizarre feelings on the matter, and then you'll probably ask me why my opinions preclude my feelings, and I'll start wishing I was a girl, because if we're sharp we won't ask them that.

But now it seems I've boxed something in, which includes a laugh. And it includes a teeny-tiny scrap of cleaning which we might call an error factor.

But we can't call it an error value. An error value relates to how close we can bring something to a perfect ending.

The End.