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Let's remind ourselves of heart conditions that if we don't take charge of will show everyone the truth of what being without a family of our own is. Those close to my age have had a problem with my problems; but it's always been okay to talk jocosely about witches.

It's always been okay to talk politics when you're referring to 'them.'

Strange to say, this results in the fact of us talking around the fact that we're talking about our ancestors. It isn't strange to me that some people are simply not interested: because that is a kind of ancestry itself.

The saying, 'it is better to have loved and lost,' comes with the self-declaration of being a loser; the response to the question, have you ever fallen in love, that refers to what might get stepped in, brings me to a full stop.

This is a multi-purpose tool, which we'll also refer to as a float when it separates important numbers from unimportant ones.

In dim distant days when I was cheerful, the transparency of an illusion that must be perpetuated brought me to doing things like building puzzles. No punishment is sufficient for losing the plot.

Which is where you come in, now.

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