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I don't think all my teachers were bad.

In fact, after school, I thought that pretty much all of them were just teachers. We might rate our teachers on any numbers of comparables, and for some of them the very last thing they wanted to be remembered for was that of their ability to teach. It is to be remembered that love knows no boundaries; personally I held that it is better for us to leave this fact to sort itself out than to make the gender divide a matter of brick and mortar.

Of teachers who I believe thought that the duties of a teacher included that of keeping love outside of the school grounds, our history teacher fell into a silly nincompoop trap. But I fall into a silly nincompoop trap whenever I say the word love, for girls are all about evidence, no matter what they say; which being the opinion of a boy means I have not the right to talk of anything except of how girls and boys may show love for each other on any numbers of screens.

Watt is its name.

It is a good idea to consider energy, but we find that the System Internationale is an abysmal failure thereover, for units of time must be decided collectively. The Watt and the Joule determined by electrical tinkerers, the unit of time selected was kept a secret. Not a carefully guarded one, but one that keeps curiosity from meddling.

The Joule being imposed on those who are likely to come to think of energy requirements during three-quarters of a year, it became claimed by them as their own.

And what do we do about that but go from morning to night explaining what a watt-second is?

There are about twenty-two million seconds in nine months. Your son will tell you this. My life must go to waste if it comes about that he is telling it to me.

Claiming that I fell into a trap is simply to point to a silly nincompoop and a calculating mind. Some might think they're looking at the works of a calculating mind, and I fully concede this site is a trap in its own way. It was certainly built for finding myself more and more estranged with each bit of silliness I heard about which I had resolved for myself before I came to look at the equals symbol as a political one for being that which was being asserted about sex.

The silly nincompoop trap which my young history teacher fell into, got her telling the class that Hitler is her greatest hero. That the trap is one set up by teachers' colleges I came to know later. The trap is premised on that children whose fathers or grandfathers fought against Germany will have said that Hitler was a very bad man, if not the worst. The teacher is thus goaded into thinking that the provoking of a reaction will get children to think. But the provocation fails unless she can walk in wearing a swastika that day, greeting the class with a business like 'heil Hitler!'

Because the class can see that she was trying to provoke a reaction, and that her sentiments are not clear on the matter.

I have in a way gone to war over the silly nincompoop way of talking about Hitler, because it does exactly the opposite of what the man himself achieved. He wasn't looking at past causes and mitigating factors. Justice is here and now. And if the English are languishing on the matter of justice, for talking about freedom in all its senses, including the freedom not to be men of their word, England deserves to fall.

Nay, England must fall.

And better by a calculating mind of a rival who may be said to be embittered. Russia stepping in for the purpose of chivvying us up might well have gotten England's war machine going for the last time, in its full splendour. We say it was better for there to be reason to think the enemy was embittered, which meant the war machine was hesitant, simply because this is today and that was yesterday, and drawing pictures about a different today because of a different course of action yesterday is, if possible to a person, something they should put into a work of fiction. Not directing the creative energies just brings us to a war over the dinner table.

I might have started this website before I did, but I say fuck a lot, and that wouldn't have gone down well with people who say fuck a lot but think it shouldn't be written.

Contradictions being reached and breached, this research of mine became more important than having a job or a healthy employment record. Englishmen do flatter themselves at times on their persuasiveness. That Hitler was committing International Misdemeanours was something a procession of Persuasives insisted they could settle with the man himself as soon as he could make time to talk to them over tea.

All Business-Like.

Putting aside the childish imputations about Hitler's opinions on the matter of the production of children--which is to say, to stop looking at world history through a telescope focused on one country or another--we think we might claim to have divined that Nazi Germany was as business-like as England had ever been. It may now be appropriate to make mention of women soldiers in the German army.

A time and a place for everything, is not a German saying. The statement is not a literally logical one, for it really means the exclusion of things at certain times and places. That is, what is understood by the saying is not just logical but plain common sense.

How many secretaries did Hitler have?

I am starting to lose my temper, but in a subdued kind of way. Losing control is not to be blamed on the losing side. Germany certainly contained elements of all the ills that affected other countries. Silly nincompoop laws about the debating of history some times leave use looking for fellow savages, or trying to make something like soma with a grain of truth.

Including the bible in the school syllabus is not a good idea.

But Bicycle Helmets.