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I think it's a great idea to have one day of the year upon which to think about virginity and motherhood. But I can't put aside thinking about the old simultaneously with the new, for the love of God or anything else. Certain things I need to state as fact, as a consequence, which I cannot defend; but which at least brings us to when our Christmas celebrations involved the taking out of a gift-wrapped block of copper.

In those days, sitting around the warm tv with our Christmas lunch on our laps, I wouldn't have been doubted if I stated categorically that the identifiers available to us are what we inherit only. For I wasn't being told about what the budding generation is growing up to believe.

But as I went quiet for a long time I gather that some people decided that I had given up trying to ascertain what is true.

I haven't; but some ideas, true or not, must appear hopeful for proof being unavailable.