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What's wrong about this? (

Let me go back to what I intended to do first: at least, what I wasn't going to do without completing the job.

Let me call my dogs hardware to balance the scales.

And my cat? The softest fur ever!

Strange impressions we get: let's leave 'mouse' at 'connector.'

My impression was that if they didn't herald the introduction of hit-and-miss quality, which had nothing to do with brand, they certainly followed hot on the heels of these days of ours when 'what's inside' has two meanings before we get to the figurative.

Oh dear! Are we lacking boot code?

That's an 'interesting thought' but I don't think you want mine. I think I'm going to have to stuff myself and hope that I wake up full of the joys of spring: 'cause after all that we've been through ('), we'll say that it's the goal to prove incorrect that makes us content with qualifications for testers.

But not here.

What can I do but submit this for assessment by who has the will?

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