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Experience is a hornet's nest; for instance, we might come to think that someone who was allowed to influence us by all who truly loved us, which love we tested time and again, was influence only to be compared to that which we get from the cheapest of the cheap. But on the other hand, we're looking at an illusion created for the sake of only one individual, which individual is given three options.

Finding a fourth, such a mistaken child might take to mocking those whose dirt was so thick he could only think of the remedy of arsenic for them.

Putting the word independence aside, we come to look at family, such as those who encouraged us to walk around half-naked; and then we might come to the only advice that seems applicable to someone who, looking at the promised land, might be able to do everything we can do, but would only be lying by making the claim to know what it is to be like us.

'Don't have a son.'