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Very often I have been told that I'm lucky for not having school in my future. I don't want to boast, but I don't see how luck has anything to do with that.

Parents don't like to admit that their children get pushed through school. Schoolmates of mine, however, as I understand it, are just about ready to go on record saying they aught to have been more like me. I was just about ready to admit, while at school, that the system only existed so as to push us through it.

Perhaps university is something different, but the teachers do the same things so we won't argue with anyone who calls them tertiary schools.

I don't know if it is a matter of Providence that I've had to live next to a school, for as many years as I was old when I matriculated. School didn't teach us about Providence. To find an adequate definition, you probably will have to read half a dozen English authors who wrote in days that steam-powered locomotives were removing business, such as stage-coaches, and businesses that supported them, such as hotels.

A tavern or an inn brings out its best silverware when you call them a hotel. Travelling by stage-coach or train one could in a matter of hours go from a place that talks about hotels to places wherein if you asked if the town's only hotel came with recommendations, you would receive the reply, 'an 'otel? You call that an 'otel?'

'But I wouldn't ask for the recom'ndations tonight 'oney. Just tell 'em you're a 'alf-knackered 'orse. The land-lady'll fix ya.'

Which is just a suggestion on the matter of weird ways of writing that we must blame on teachers if we don't realize that teachers themselves are simply those who give us suggestions.