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A proof of concept is not a thing we would assess for quality, no. I must state that as if asked of me. If I state that it was asked of me, it would be much the same as simply stating an obvious thing. That the leading question aught to be asked can only be demonstrated in what, in effect, is a proof of concept. If you're assessing these words for quality, at all, I've done my job.

It's plainly clear that what was plainly clear to all as being a collaboration of armed forces, had taken to making proofs of concept weapons: which we know, even when we know we only know little, is just what a military aught to be doing in peace-time.

it seems I no longer have the luxury of saying 'I'm only me, and what do I know?'

Thus we start by pitting an English gentleman against one of the Masters of the Pushups: a gentleman knows, were a man to enter who has called a sleeve optional, stepping aside could only be put aside were he to disrobe himself entirely, and unless you are equipped with an aide, this is not to be done without turning yourself into a trusting baby. Putting this up in the air for the sake of those who know about successions of products, I must leave you with a guess.

It's not about comparing one guess to another, but about the giving and taking of a single one.

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