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"How are you?"

If anyone has an appreciation for good English literature they would note that the phrase "Good Morning" contains consonants, which are stumbling blocks for our tongue. We thus remove them.

Oo Oah E!

The British Empire being one upon which the sun does not set, each English day contains forty-eight hours (which allows us time to brush our hair while travelling), so that there are two more greetings to be considered:

Good Day - Oo Ahy!
Good Evening - Oo E Ehm!

Reviving the obsolete study called Linear Algebra for the purposes of being able to communicate with those who only know about matrices as they exist in a mobe or desktop (or hifi array), and for the purposes of giving no less clear signs than exist in a Psalm or two on the matter of education, on the matter of communication:

OoOahE!001 OahOahOo
OoAhy110 =AhyAhyOo
OoEEhm!000 EEOo
But this gives me a particle of a problem because my Linear Algebra is not up to scratch, and I don't intend to pore over my text books in order to complete a word game. I thus fetch Albert Einstein, check that he hasn't been making fires in his Eigenspace (and remind him I have no literal way to quell literary venom), and he says to my audience (with a note to the writer not to forget this liberty), just look at the diagonal.

Good Day!