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Looking for an ultimate codec, I need to say, 'howzit.'

This is a new creature.

Obviously the computer is not intelligent, but an ultimate codec must be.

'Are you proud?'

I must be a creature with no iron wood inside: because this shakes me to the core. Scrambling back to things that got overlooked is not what I intend to do: nowadays we 'abstract' from the Git History of a project that gets used by people who are totally fucking scatter-brained.

Absolutely everybody in the whole wide world obviously have absolutely all the fucking time in the whole wide world. If you are building a Git History, you are a Revisionist.

Now we look at sort orders which change the picture as quick as you like. As simple as the picture is, you're only looking at it to make sure everything is right.

Is that right?

We can debate that all day. You're not going to tell me that Git isn't modern technology, and I'm not going to tell you that the maker of it sits in a Pentagram. I don't know that he does. I am going to give you a Git history that does something for me, and only involves the special numbers, thirteen and ten.

And everything else, obviously.

'This is not a universal codec!'

If you want to tell me that I may hereby join makers of codecs I will have to ask you if you have authority over them. I prefer to consider 'codec' as applying to what requires a lot of guess-work, and that secret ingredient called market acceptance. You need to choose a word for this, because I go from one word to another as it pleases me.

And 'parse,' though with an ultimate definition called a language in which a parser can be built, became obsolete when pencils stopped being used.


Starting from 'initial,' if we have a thirteen we go to the fourth: ten takes us to the first.

Everything else leaves us where we are.

At the first, a thirteen takes us to the zeroeth (sorry to do this to you) and everything else leaves us 'as we were.'

This you may imagine as staying seated, if you like, but I don't.

At the fourth--we did premeditate this--a ten takes us to the second--but we don't want you to ask 'how we got there,' so the sorting is up to you--and everything else to the third.

At the second, then, a thirteen takes us to the fifth, and a ten to the zeroeth.

And what happens otherwise?

At the third, only a ten leads us away, and that's to the zeroeth.

Finally, at the fifth, a ten returns to the second, whereas all else takes us back to nought.

That's my rose. Telling her there's no more, she has a present and a future. The present is 'just a mapping,' and that brings us back to the gearbox.

Blah, blah, blah, Brian! Shall we discuss the exciting future when automatic engagement doesn't leave us with a fucked eol?

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