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How do we separate code from data, without asking a programmer?

We do all understand what a tree is: nodes and branches: it suits us to call leaves a type of node, and we also summarize the roots as one root node.

One branch is called <head>; another <body>. Identifiers seldom have more than a passing relation to their English meaning.

The <head> branch contains the document title and other information that is not considered content; <body> is therefore where we start.

The document is considered a box; a rectangle. Each branch is a rectangle within the one below it.

<html><head><title>Letter to Jane</title></head><body>
<p>Dear Jane</p>
<p>I wrote a letter to my love</p>
<p>and on the way I dropped it.</p>
<p>Sure dodged a bullet there, didn't I?</p>

The document tree, then, is data.

If you are wondering what code is, now, you will need to become a programmer; alternatively you may choose to contemplate object scripting languages.

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