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I tried giving the bashing of Microsoft a bash, as it came to my cognisance that this is how a GNU identifies itself. But I prefer to just tell people to call Microsoft's os-platform S_Windows; and not to pronounce it ZWindows, because X-Windows is GNU.

I thus remove my tardy attempt at turning hype into a swear word; we all know that there is marketing and that there is hype and that those two words are different.

For much of my life I struggled with the two words, adult and child.

Are there signs of adulthood?

A sure sign of adulthood, in my opinion, is one who starts to speak double; we were, as children, warned against toying with double meanings.

But coming to adulthood some suggested to us that there is such a thing as a natural stunt-double.

When looking at two people, I come to think how they might fit in the same box: but then we must think about the matter of drawing boxes.

A word, applied to a person, is most often a more or less accurate dividing line between one person and another; if we are just projecting, we may encircle something with three lines.

The simplest shape that could contain a person is created by four planes: this lends itself to encouraging me to put myself in my own box.

Below my feet is politics: I tend towards conservative measures; to the back of me is the matter of clothing: I'm totally unfashionable.

To the right is music. I have some talents in this way, but I suspect that these will be considered totally unfashionable. I thus consider them a gift by which I may entertain myself within my own box.

As might be suspected, I'm hesitant to shut myself up in my box forever, even though this is just for fun. I would like to think that my qualifications and experience are a dividing line, but I've always been either too young or too old, too inexperienced or too experienced, and of course, unqualified or over-qualified.

So I'll shut myself in with my computer games; we all know that some people simply cannot entertain themselves in that way, no matter how much they try.

Now looking at another person, the first thing I will notice is colour. My nose and hands tip me off that my experience of colour itself would not have been the same had I been significantly darker.

Looking at what might be done with spare capital, it does help if we know what the word charity-boy refers to.

A charity-boy, for instance, is given clothing. He is not wise enough to make his own purchases. Part of my being hopelessly unfashionable is that I take whatever comes my way; thus charity boys and I are on the same side of that line.

The next thing to be thought of is the education of the charity-boy.

But we now need to pick a career.

And a boy, when I thought that wasn't a problem for me, looked at the boxes from which he had to pick his future, and then looked at a revolver.

I'm happy to be in a box made of six planes: which wasteful way of building is a cultural one.

African boys, of which I truly am one, seldom see culture as anything more than the shape of the house. But truly the difference between us is in how we entertain ourselves.

Education comes from within; my education was achieved on a hope and a prayer, and no charity.

Furthering my education, I came to see cultural insults, such as that of dividing the abolishment of slavery from the introduction of a healthy trade to replace it, as providing the foundation for possibly the majority of those who proudly call themselves African.

My duplicitous compromising parents let me find my own way to this fact. They are that duplicitous with me that were I to say this to them, they'll insist I'm telling them something new. Thus sixteen years later, I must prepare myself to face people who don't know how many lines is enough.

Let me not toy with my own double meanings, and just call it quits without considering how to count them.