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But now do I click here and there to shut down, or just press the power button?

That the power button took about fifteen years to get right is something that the succeeding generation will have little choice but to scoff at. But acpi takes us to a form of enumeration that's very well thought out, but added to the cost. And apm did the job for those for whom portability was not optional, and added to the cost.

Now we've taken all this trouble to make what has buttons truly optional, we add a button to turn it off and on again. I'm not here to scoff at you, but what you click and what you press requires tact when you've decided you're going to talk about it.

Let's put aside the matter of sensitivity, shall we?

'Going like a boeing' is a habit of speech that'll be as hard to stop as the using what's the thing that says 'we're waiting for someone to get everything perfect.'

That satisfies my stylus-eater. It is therefore necessary for me to tap commit-and-push-bli (we're working on an icon).

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