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Of course, I have to sheepishly admit that I've been missing the fundamental idea of what's 'unix.'

I shall not be telling you for just how long this has been missed. It is known for creatures to miss each other, for example. It's when we 'get it' that we don't know just how much time we aught to spend enjoying the fact.

I'm now in the habit of driving myself on when I have an idea; but what are the options when taking a break has the known result of getting a new one?

We have to take a break when we lose interest in 'doing things right' - which is quite apart from 'error rate.'

Keeping track of what are shims is something I've just become aware precedes organization. Perhaps that may be a matter of lacking the right certificates. As I found that I was, after all, being asked to track down faults in what others had made, which was an activity that had been suggested to me to investigate as a matter of finding an income, the avoidance of which led me to returning to what I had left in a decided fashion, let me place this fact here just in case the suggestion comes to me that I aught to seek an income helping others with their organization, as a means of remaining independent.

Sheepishly I have to admit that wanting independence was entirely my own fault.

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