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I'm not sure where the puzzles in the newspapers fit in under 'political atmosphere,' but I'm almost sure we can keep it to those of us for whom 'cat and dog' acquires gender disagreements we can't resolve within the family.

A 'cetera apparently wants to tell me he's sorry: but what's a holiday?

I reckon I'd make a good steward for a Harem: that's in case anyone's wanting to hire an infidel. But if you call me a kaffir, don't call me a 'white one.'

Was that wilful ignorance?

But the servants who were well looked after didn't mind being called infidels by Christians.

Well, someone had to find out, didn't they? What were you doing?

Puzzles grab us because they give us a way to use 'millions of instructions a second' - please forgive me if I get the orders of magnitude wrong.

But a game of finding-the-mine is pretty lousy if we use recursion.

What can I say? Here: you give it some thought.

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