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Before I return to the matter of what's iron, about 'bitches,' the public 'infrastructure' that no-one drinks from can hardly be said to be what we've kissed goodbye, now, can it?

That's a message to a 'hater,' that might well consider my behaviour inconsistent, from one year to the next.

The continuation, that I do believe backforms itself to an incongruously proud continuer, reminds us of the 'dejection of spirit' that 'an owner of a desert island' found himself consumed by, though sunlight and water, and animal companionship, and dried fruit, and all the time in the caribbean, belonged to him also; so who can doubt that having the right motorbike is all spiritualism?

There seems to be some doubt on this matter, but owners of franchises that made South Africa Great can hardly forget the impudence of small bike owners using a full parking space, now, can they?

Can them? I doubt they would notice.

Getting down on the knees must be rewarded, mustn't it? Upon reflection, what's given up the opportunity to be self-made, can only take to deprecation. Is this all obsolescence, or are we 'getting into' what only husbands and fathers know of, at a family gathering?

I'll have to 'leave it there, Lord,' or I'll 'only be doing this to myself.'

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