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What may seem unsightly to you may be just what the doctor hopes for more of, but there are different ways of reflecting what's a tantalizing mystery. The result is that some grab at the jugular of those who seem the most content. This is just a natural fact: the criminalizing of behaviour isn't about making everything fair.

That being the case we might think it best to just shut up.

But we find it inevitable that we must take note of what's going on around us: loyalty programmes, for instance, remind us of Alliances that were of the least interest except to those who noted that airports were glorified shopping centres. It's probably better to parade through one of those things than to demonstrate your allergy to salt water: but this I say simply because some may think it strange that though less than thirty minutes away from the beach I can count on my little finger (on the right) the number of times I went to the beach of my own volition.

This was the 'us and them' that developed between the two major cities that 'our kind' recognized.

It's nice to be able to see the ocean on a clear day. It's not all that nice to be forcefully brought to a reminder of what money is about by those who keep saying that it is no matter.

We're never working fast enough. Now keep reading that, to save me the trouble of going from one thing to another simply because we keep having to explain that what's optimal is none of your business.

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