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I do believe the facts have been worked in order to allow us to believe that the last war was all about Judaism, when in fact Jews bring on cultural hatred in the same way everyone else does.

Atrocities happen during wartime: get with the picture!

But without a home country, before the war, Jews were more like I am now; and like I have been since anyone gave me their blessing that I was capable of thinking for myself. I don't believe religion is nonsense: three men, and all of them married, and all of whose wives were and are very religious, and none of whom would claim that doing without a wife would have been possible, or would have believed a woman who claimed that she could prove that she had no religion, are the only people in the world who have talked to me unchangingly; by which I obviously exclude those who might be said to have been changing with me.

Jews took advantage of a prevaricating parliament to claim a piece of land, about which people were bickering because their ancestors had made war for it. But perhaps there are those who see the new erections therein, supposedly demonstrating a nation of determination and perseverance, in the same light as I see those of England.