Women in the Workplace is an Institution, in that it is a political topic which one must have an opinion on. In reality, however, the Western Culture has never debarred women from earning a living.

Therefore, this is about choice jobs.

Certain it is that in days gone by, no woman would've bothered to educate herself to become a lawyer, as no law firm would have hired her. Likewise for a range of jobs associated with the middle class. If there were exceptions, this would prove that not all men are sexist, so let's assume there were no exceptions.

However, events took place which changed the status quo. Now, we've already assumed that all men are sexist, so it should be no surprise that firms run by men continued to prefer to hire men, though the change that had occurred was a permanent one.

Do we now assume that no women are sexist? That firms run by women don't prefer to hire women?

To prove that things are unacceptable as they are, one must create a list of job categories, assign each a factor determined by what you want to prove, and then run your database queries, adjusting the factors until you're done.

No doubt you'll need money to achieve this. If you beg from the government for this, you're a criminal.

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