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Working our way to the boot problem, which is the same as the app startup problem, as the initial values includes the code itself, we now have an app to refine, which is better than stirring the mud with our tail. In getting our app to be portable we come across a fine philosophical disagreement between those who are in the mud called GNU-ish: that is, makers of distributions who need to be licence agnostic. This is the only place that FOSS isn't a flagrant abuse of GPL: distributions need to accept that people might, in ignorance, make up their own licence which does the same thing as GPL; which is much the same thing as writing code before searching the internet to see if what you're doing hasn't already been done.

So a core feature of G'nunix distributions is the matter of alternatives.

Standardized file formats, which not only come along with reference implementations but are defacto standards, we don't fuck with. If the reference libs have a licence other than GPL, we must defer to those who are better equipped to assess the goodness of a licence. A picture format which represents an image as a shape so as to be able to reduce it, algorithmically, to curve-fitting functions, gives us a format which, counting each file in that format as a grain of sand, comes to an amount of sand that miners can appreciate. A miner will also appreciate the difference between a polynomial that approximates the shape of a rock or a piece of it, and the rock or grain of sand itself. As far as equivalences go, such is how we feel about those who upload their self-objectified art for the sake of those who, against their will, are called data miners. It should not be surprising, then, that there is politics around the jpeg picture-shape data file format.

For the sake of an electronics man, we note here that the lib got forked--that is, there are now two reference implementations.

While agreeing with those who forked the project, for a number of reasons, the new project requires the use of compilation tools that, though free, and with good licences, means that the fork glosses over the matter of defacto standards. It has been well over a decade since G'nunix was called a sickness, but in this time the maker of the un-sick os took the step of giving away what made GPL murderers have to join the boxed-product, hermetically sealed religion, or take to thievery.

But we have here an instance of responsible behaviour by people who are not paid to be responsible; for, without having to sober up to do so, we can swap between reference implementations simply by scanning over what the unnamed forking people give as justification which they don't need to give.

Which means more than the Bible to us.