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Embossed lettering cuts into my heart. Knowing what quality is, is something we can hardly say is a matter of self-pride. After about ten years of not having any fucks to give about the leadership of this country, seeing as the calling of people idiots has every fucking thing to do with an operating system, and we either wait for assistance to be asked of us or we find ourselves locked up in a monkey-cage, the problem of not having representation was presented to me as being the cause of every fucking thing wrong.

Ineffective justice system? Now's your opportunity!

But let me go on having fun with logical statements. At least there are some people who know that this isn't about shop-fronts. I'm not going to hob-nob with people who carry pentagrams about with them, no less for the fact that they'll spend most of their time talking about what they feel like calling themselves today, than for the fact that their interest in operating systems is likely to end with 'what's that thing that takes forever to startup?'

Jesus didn't die for a Toyota Cressida.

But what would we do without those who treat what they make with the respect they would give to their own parents or children?

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