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Labour is somebody else's problem: those whose fortunes make them more fortunes without their effort, for we will inevitably work for them.

The concentration of labour is the concentration of civilians; the concentration of civilians has been a standard feature of war through the fighting ages.

The condition of the concentrated civilians--whether earning their bread or being fed rations--is something which has no yardstick; this being the case the discussion is endless. Starting with war, the conditions of civilians held by the losing side can only be compared to the conditions of those held in concentration camps where the biggest misery may well be that of having to watch their countrymen lose the war.

And the concentrating of people into spaces that are convenient for the distribution of food and other necessaries of life carries with it problems which few need to have detailed to them.

Government employees are to be assumed equally corrupt by the engineers of governments. But the distribution of food, if not done by the government itself, is almost guaranteed not to reach the mouths of those whom the government has contracted to feed. Thus we have to give ten out of ten to those who decided that money was the best way to distribute the fruits of the earth.

But the free market ran into countries which didn't have the same distaste for the concentration of civilians, that existed at home.

So we might say it's nonsensical to try to keep factories in the West. Certainly the South African Government of Empowerment has shown no signs of changing the position that the former government held, on ensuring that local factories could only be supported by those willing to spend more for less: in other words, to turn all local factory employees into charity cases.

The cause for this delightful attitude, shared by the accuser and the accused, brings us to look at national feelings again. For the citizen must know when his country, which he may choose to call his nation, is having to support its local industries by the restriction of trade.

And so the politician knows the stance he must take in order to remain popular.