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Let me leave this here. The reason for doing so is that we are looking for trouble, in a way.

Our module will need to be chopped up, and we can't do that and bring it inside. So the chopping will have to be for when we 'change our minds' and take it outside again.

This leaves us with initial values, again.

These are why we can't expect to have things done nicely in what isn't a hybrid language. Unless the language is perfect, of course.

But who invented the word, earth?

Late starters aught to be able to sympathize with me. Ideally or not, we should start with a list that's more than we can quite remember.

Now feeling like I'm competing, I know I won't be reaching what doesn't 'need attention,' at this sitting.

And that's really a matter of what I'd expect you to know already.

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