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The web is an ideal means of prototyping an app, but that silly nincompoops force people to wear a bicycle helmet.

When we bring up the topic of safety, the first thing some people do is turn the word into a plural by amending what we said with the word belts. And then they might mention hard hats. The thing that many people need to tell you is that they need concrete words in order to follow what you're saying to them.

Draw us a picture!

Allegory takes work. Sometimes people slam the brakes as a reminder why safety belts are important.

People sitting in a sedan wearing a mixture of hard hats and bicycle helmets are surely on their way to an event. If we truly don't know the difference between fashionable and unfashionable, we're hardly going to dress up for something called fancy.

I had to remind my mother to put her seatbelt on.

Silly nincompoops and their followers are indistinguishable to me, so I just call them both fsns or snfs. Pedestrian-safe cars were invented by fsns.

It is better to do than to teach. If you get but one person to follow your thoughts, you might find it better to forget about the others who either disagree with you, doubt you, or change the topic whenever you speak to them.

Introducing the topic of code-word-language is likely to get most people to look for an exit. App developers who believe in quality cannot be happy about apps that crash. Nor can they be happy about vast system libraries that are installed just for in case. They might be happy about their own libraries for vast numbers they made just for in case they need to show off; the rules of business make it incredibly difficult to make an app that is useful as well as efficient.

The rules of business largely preclude us making use of compiled languages for anything but libraries for object scripting languages.

The work-o-sphere has adjusted to apps which aren't beyond the prototype stage, and the side of the business which isn't involved in things which are almost impossible to rename is kept going with new names for web-based application, new abstract names for Rsync and Git, new names for sell-out programmers, etc.

I honestly don't care about layers of obscurity any more. Proving this would require me to put the law to test. So I don't care about proving things any more. I don't like saying that I simply don't care, and then let the reader decide what I don't care about. Everyone knows that people are more important than things. Saying this another word presents itself from the place words come from, that might be more suitable to use in place of the word care, when referring to people.

Regards to all; here's a fortune cookie for you.

There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full. -- Henry Kissinger