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My mother once told me that whether vanity is the name of woman or woman is the name of vanity, it's all the same.

People who know what the word is is for might say that this is obvious.

Obviously they'd also need to know what the word obvious is for and what the word this is for.

Some people don't need to be taught how to talk; which is to say, learning doesn't necessarily involve a teacher.

But on the matter of talking, children certainly need to be told what not to say. I don't know if I'd have a problem with a boy who learns to fuck at the age of six. It's a good healthy way to get out frustration; possibly the only way of clenching the hand into a fist without looking for a target.

'But what will the neighbours think?'

We do need to know if the neighbours are the types who while touching someone count the number of seconds until they can't take it any more. Some people call this fucking, but they seldom can share their big numbers without giving an anatomy lesson.

The word fucking can be both a verb continuous or an adjective. My tendency is to think that the verb continuous came about because of fucking ridiculous people.

A fuck is seldom any good if you have to do it twice in a row; that is, such that you might call it fucking.

But now I don't know if I'm speaking to children or adults.

The thing about erroneous behaviour is that we start looking for a cause. And sometimes we find causers everywhere.

My grandmother, on my mother's side, was Norwegian; that is, that was her mother tongue. She went on to teach English, but I truly believe she got swept away in a current of political juggernauting. I'll give you an example: the possessive suffix, which means apostrophes are not decorative, is sometimes difficult to use when working with plurals.

The plight of the plurals' suffixes.

How to check this, is to think how one would say the same thing without the possessive suffix; whereas Granny insisted that the possessive case aught to be avoided wherever possible; thus we see that people were trying to dumb English down long before the last war.

In a telegram of only twenty-six letters and the space, this false modification of the tongue is necessary.

The next thing we might ask is how education can happen without grammar teachers; but then we find that Latin was a kind of heat-sink to the education process: the mother tongue took care of itself and all the unnatural abuses of the tongue, that perhaps would have been corrective instruction to rebellious web-loggers, expended itself there.

People talk of lost arts; but the lost art is truly only that of making fire.

The English didn't seem to excel at the art of making music until they gave up the thought of making anything else. I've put a card of sorts on the table with the word bargain on it. Part of the reason I am unemployed now is that I got sick of hearing that the English are a nation of whingers.

But the last great English musician was told to stay at home; or perhaps he was given signs that he should rather adopt a new country.

I can't go back to an easy job which I left with a half-formed idea of visiting England: I received a parting gift that came as a sort of suggestion that Englishmen aught to stick to prose.

And I've had to come to my own way of realizing that the only Britons who are not high on crack, or whinging about the needles that didn't get removed from the monuments they don't have a fucking clue about, probably see England as no better than South Africa.

Wherever I go I will not be able to get away from thoughts of friends who might have tolerated my fucking around on a steel-string.

Wherever I go I'll hear some tale about something good within England; but I've now liberated myself and all I need prepare myself to receive is comments as to the why I didn't do so before.

Behold the miniskirt!

The crisis in the American education system is nothing as compared with this invention.

I have for a long time made a joke about the people lounging about places that would like to call themselves pubs or bars, who cannot afford sufficient material for a proper dress. The biting thing is that Englishwomen proudly claim that the miniskirt had to be invented.

That is not a mistake in language; things can be invented which are not products.

While people look at the clothing of the mother tongue, which cannot be made with native cloth, which origination problem is asserted to have been imposed on a helpless population, please don't think I'm suggesting that the Women's Liberation Movement is not a good thing for all.