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The identifiers open and close are used so often that we meet with resistance to our insistence that they come about by allegory.

A tool that can only give a blister is one that even the most doting mother would allow her son to use, by which we discover the important sense of the word hold. Someone who talks about the universe when holding a hammer is someone who, if not with a firm grip on a sense of mirth, or talking to a boy that is not his equal, is a person we can but wonder at. Ensuring that doors are shut can, in this very day and age, make someone hate their job; for it is a matter of preference in many, if not most, cases.

We know who is to blame for the allegory, but they called it an allegory, and did not, for instance, make an object of the handle of a door, for that would require us to imagine pieces of string subtending from the handle of every thing we open.

When we create an allegory, the object is to give a clear picture to all. Doing so, we might find that someone appears with screwdriver and hammer in hand, which he lifted from someone who was talking about the universe, offering to help us kill the world.

Looking for its heart, we find hearts of deception and little else. Watching the International Space Station make like a shooting star is no guarantee that we'll stop hearing news about the exciting new discoveries that they're making up there.

But the man with a screwdriver and hammer that are now in better hands, may plop them back wherever he so chooses.