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Before we've done much with the Pen we need to look something. If you're not following me, then open a book called Ecclesiastes. It's amongst a library (or lib) that got welded together while the copying of a 'packet' of information was a 'piece of work' that employed an army.

As I'll need a target that's no person in particular, I'll just refer to adults who try to have fun.

I do that myself: it's called 'losing yourself' - and then you 'come to' and think about the year.

The year itself wasn't of particular interest to anyone except those who bustled about town with their sketches for a new erection. The 'coming on' of widespread literacy will have us 'coming off it' rather sooner than later. The intention here is to look at something somewhat obvious, but which is also something 'those kids do' which takes an army of testers and specialist debetroublers (pick_me) to undo.

Which will only be done if the betroubler was special.

Otherwise we just nuke the spreadsheet and enter into talks about which relational database management system to build the second system upon.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to tell you this: the 'nuking' is likened to retiring, but it gets called 'deprecation' so that the first system may continue exactly as before, but with everyone wearing a hat (I need a something like a heatsink other than adults trying to have fun).

Trying to make things tolerable we say, 'hey! look at the year!' - and then we say, 'what's the mileage?'

And then we go on to tell everyone how we had to force someone to take money for the thing we wanted.

Jah! That wasn't a good comparison.

I'll only note that part of the fun that adults had was to compare two people, for no reason whatsoever, on the matter of their instincts. If you're saying, this will not go down well, maybe you should try it sideways (but don't forget to 'lock' first).

Sho-ah! I got through that finish line, but I now rather think I've got a mountain to climb. Doing this excessively, by which I mean talking like I could walk down the street without fainting, we're going to end up having a great big fun-fair, and then take to measuring 'fun,' scientifically.

I can give you an example of what I'm trying to refer to, but I'll need to hold you back from saying, 'o that's just programming.'

So there's a challenge for you, and there's a challenge for me. And I'll end with what was a challenge in order to give ourselves definition, that doesn't rely on history.

Some things, we think, the rather set fire to the word technology, and reflect it back on us.

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