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'Catching the breath' is not something we tell people we're 'busy doing' - that gets you as far as the saying, 'it's my mess and I love it.'

Having been told to hold onto toys 'just in case,' the what we hold onto, for not being of a kind that can throw away what's working, brings me to what's electronics: which we may spend our days calling toys or acknowledge that it's either them or us who has the mastery.

If I kept thirty years of dud batteries it would hardly fill a small waste-paper basket. It's nice to get the little things out the way. Moving onto what needs an 'adapter,' we think about blowing up a toy.

Some 'kids' earned notoriety for their father's house by bringing electronic circuits to school: just in case my school decides to use me as an example thereabouts, it's to be noted that a circuit we had been given to build needed to be corrected, on account of the polarity of the transistor that the design called for.

I'm not going to tell you who found the fault, for that was a matter of firstly finding out that the fucking thing wasn't behaving according to design. As to the solution, that none gave a fuck about anyway, that it involved no 'extra shopping' and not a scrap extra waste, is a personal message to those who are going to learn to hate us equally, and you are going to learn to love it.

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