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Starting with everything 'nice and neat,' we'll say, 'what's that file doing there?'

'It's a token.'

'What for?'

'Just a double-check.'

'Why do you need to check things twice?'

So we come to why we're making a 'guess.'

Now, so as not to go from one matter of tidying up to another, we need to repeat a trick: 'this time,' we say to ourselves, 'what about the general case?'

But we are literally just making a 'thing that gets invoked' by 'a launcher,' and the launcher, though not creating new standards, is the only reason we need the thing, because it, itself, is not 'capable' of allowing for 'obvious' substitutions.

This then shows us what doesn't need to be in the path.

The 'free desktop' has the stated goal of 'following in order to catch up' - and it has taken a fucking long way round a fuckup called 'instant messaging' - and so we pay them our respects.

Cutting through to the salient matter, the main thing is what's 'launched.'

I can't say I love it when a plan has come to the final stage of testing. I can't say all this caffeine is doing my health much good, but holding things so as not to be going backwards and forwards, in order to find out what we did wrong this time, is what 'nature' gives us loving guidance to do.

Now, you hold onto this, while I read manuals that have been painstakingly written so that we can all ignore them, when we're in the final stages of completing a job.

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