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It is awfully good of excessively wealthy businessmen to fill the void that NASA left when they decided that having a space programme was for nerds.

Some of us nerds got the message loud and clear when NASA started making a virtue of nostalgia.

"We can't land on the moon any more. The public won't give us the budget. We'll send a guy who went into space a generation back, into space again."

People with brains in their heads watched with horror.

Fortunately, an excessively wealthy businessman told very wealthy businessmen, that he was going to make a privately funded space programme: all he needed was a small down-payment.

It was awfully good of him in many ways, as this allowed many newspapers, and then online news sites, to make money too.

But space is hard, as the saying goes: two thumbs up for trying!

The problem must have been that the goal was not enticing enough.

We'll set our sights higher.

If the venture fails, we'll nonetheless pat the excessively wealthy businessman on the back for trying.

We can't live without hope!

Even if that hope is illogical.

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