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'Ok, Brian: you've had your fun' - but I've come around, haven't I?

The what dangles in the air can stay there as long as it likes, because it'll have to recall us, after clearing away anything that is unclear.

Getting to the completion of what we must start by calling a thing, which then starts calling in scale, before thinking about units, the thought of having a bite comes along, but we know that while preparing it we'll be 'getting ideas,' so we take the resolution to stand 'here' until we fall over; but in order to achieve that we'll need to prevent nature from calling at an inopportune time.

So we adjust the resolution to stand 'here' until nature calls.

What 'gave itself' to me?

The 'leaps and bounds' bring us to a certainty. Soak-testing discovering to us that our thing yet needs work, we find our habits lead us to pushing on ahead before thinking. But a kettle, once boiled, represents the greatest waste that we may produce, who happen to have a kitchen with electricity.

But that opinion of mine has to do with my own failings on the matter of what I allow myself to do, that becomes a habit.

Giving it my all to restrain myself, I find I've gotten further towards the what will require another soak test, than I was from the last one; and so I think, 'wait a minute!'

'How about that bite?'

Shall I make a meal out of it?

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